Oil Bane Or Benefit Essay

п»їAhmed Al-Nabhani

Mr. L

Modern Middle East A-block

September, 2014

Is Essential oil a Benefit or a Program?

1908 was a turning point pertaining to the Middle East, due to the finding of olive oil in Persia and in 38 in Arab saudi and other elements of the Arabian Gulf. Because of this blessed discovery of oil, the Middle East has been swiftly developing and become more created over the years. This development may only happen of the oil money can be put into great use and never taken by the corrupt and greedy members of the government. For example a few of the oil abundant countries possess a large amount of poor people, because a lot of the oil funds is taken by the political figures which are the richest with these types of countries.

Oil abundant coteries in the centre East are mainly desert. Such as Saudi Arabia identification 95 percent desert, which in turn brings us to a problem. These types of oil rich countries have water shortages, but fortunately because of their olive oil richness they will afford to get water. Saudi Arabia the biggest country in the Arabian Peninsula gets fifty percent of the water supply by simply seawater desalination which takes a large amount of fossil fuels, thankfully this may not be a problem intended for the Saudi government because they have enough fossil fuels that they can do not lose anything by utilizing those large sums of hydrocarbons to gain drinking water. This only works for oil wealthy and prosperous countries that work for other countries just like Jordan which is one of the five poorest countries in the world. Because they do not have resources, nor the money to dissolute normal water from the red sea.

Olive oil money can easily by many things for Example glance at the United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai this kind of mega town owes the growth to oil cash and control. The government in Dubai has become trying to push its economic system away to get fossil fuels to tourism, flying, real estate, and financial services because they build up right now there city and making it one of the into a locale which then business lead into a global city. China now attracts lots of...


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