Essay regarding Proposal - Foliose Lichens of the Relatives Xanthoparmelia

Research Project: Mini Pitch


The purpose of the research should be to shed some light for the ecological conversation between the foliose lichen, Xanthoparmelia tasmanica (Lepp, 2011) plus the resources and organisms in the environment. This kind of species continues to be observed to grow generously only on the south facing side of rocks inside the southern hemisphere, this might suggest that relatively higher light strength of north facing dirt is a component that hinders its growth. However , with no further tests, it may not be stated with certainty that light is in fact correlated with growth of X. tasmanica, rather than elements such as breeze, humidity and interactions to organisms.


To ensure adequate sample size, at least 60 samples of X. tasmanica thalli growing on the same type of substrate are to be collected (Benedict 1990). Half the sample should be kept within an enclosed and controlled environment as the control group. This group will be exposed to great conditions intended for growth (favourable light power, humidity, wind, and nutritious level) within an isolated environment away from disruptions (Gentner 1967; Wiley ainsi que al. 1982). The rest of the sample will be kept in a distinct controlled environment identical towards the control group with the exception of the level of light depth present. This kind of second group will be exposed to higher level of00 of light power mimicking what would have skilled if encountered with direct sunlight. Regular measurements by monthly time periods will be done (Armstrong 1973). These measurements will be noted over a a couple of year period and will contain starting diameter, number of lobes, and indicate radial development rate. Record analysis will probably be conducted to infer qualities of the human population based on the measured sample data. In case the second group exhibits identical growth level compared with the control group, the speculation would be refuted as mild intensity is usually not linked to...


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