Plot and Conflict in Hasnu, the Stonecutter, The Tiger or perhaps the Lady, plus the Gift of the Magi

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 Essay about Plot and Conflict in Hasnu, the Stonecutter, The Tiger or maybe the Lady, plus the Gift with the Magi

Hasnu, the stone used vinyl cutter


A stonecutter named Hashnu sat beside the highway trimming stone if the King's courtiers cross the street. He then wished to be California king and that would like was granted. Then this individual felt the sun's high temperature thinking that sunlight was highly effective than the california king so this individual wished to end up being the sun. He became direct sunlight but then the cloud protected the sun. Convinced that the cloud was highly effective than the sunshine, he then desires to be the impair. When he became the impair, he then wanted to be a ordinary for it don't move for every his raining and blowing. Then he experienced the hardships of being a rock being attractive by a stonecutter so he wishes to become stonecutter once again and fulfilled his responsibility contentedly. Issue

В· The conflict inside the story is when Hashnu wants to end up being the most effective. Climax

В· The orgasm in the history is the moment Hashnu wants to be the king, direct sunlight, the cloud, the rock and the rock cutter again. Denouement

В· The denouement in the tale is when Hashnu realized that the most strong among the creations of God is still the person and this individual now accomplish his obligation as a stonecutter contentedly. Heroes


В· Hashnu- the stonecutter


В· Hashnu-the stonecutter


Time- Time of Monarchs

Location- Along the highway where the Ruler and his courtiers were crossing. Theme

The theme of the story is life process as the story tells the experiences of Hashnu when he became a king, a sun, a cloud, a rock and the stonecutter once again. Point of view

The purpose of view of the history is third person as the narrator can be not a player in the tale and his knowledge is limited simply to the character of Hashnu. Issue

The conflict in the history is Man Vs . Culture because throughout the story Hashnu struggles with himself and his desire to be the most powerful. Sign

The symbol in the history is the mallet which is used by the stonecutter. Meaning Lesson

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Plan and Turmoil in Hasnu,
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