EPA – Policy-making inside the Federal Program

POL 201

Instructor: Matt Szlapak

Monday, April up to 29, 2013

The federal government passed the Clean Air Act, to be able to protect the citizens of the United States. At the same time Our elected representatives created the Environmental Protection Agency with its main role of regulating plus the enforcement of environmental procedures at the point out and tribal levels.

A brief history in air pollution, in October 1928 in the industrial town of Donora Pennsylvania a thick cloud formed. This thicker cloud lingered for days, causing sickness in 6th, 000 and killing 20 of the town's people. And 1952, more than 3, 500 people perished in London about what is known as the " Killer Fog”. These types of events notified the federal government to the dangers that can come from smog and the public health problems that can happen from contaminants in the air. The original Clean Air Act of 1963 was exceeded, establishing funding for the analysis and washing of smog.

America Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established and commenced operating in December 2, 1970. The EPA's principal responsibility is usually enforcing and regulating the laws, these kinds of regulations and laws happen to be for protecting the environment and public health. The EPA is a regulatory agency that Congress has authorizes to write rules that talks about the important details which can be necessary to apply environmental regulations. (epa. gov/laws-regulation)

The Clean Air Action - 42 U. H. C. §7401 et seq. (1970), regulated air emissions from standing and mobile sources. With all the approval with this Act the EPA could establish the National Normal Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) which regulates exhausts of harmful air pollutants that can damage public health.

The Energy Insurance plan Act - 42 USC §13201 ou seq. (2005) addressing strength production in the United States, such as Energy efficiency; Alternative energy; Oil and gas; Coal; Nuclear things; Vehicles and motor fuels. This Work provides...

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