Essay regarding Porter’s Diamonds in a Mexican Context

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mir SpecialIssue 1993/2, 41-54 pp.


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Richard M. Hodgetts

Porter's Diamond Structure in a Philippine Context

Fuzy used being a basis forexamining в– The Porterdiamondmodelhas recently been widely This kind of examines waysin which the intercontinental competitive tactics. article itself theU. S. economy a doublediamond. to by means of Mexico can be linking clusters petrochemicals automobiles в– The strategies Mexico'sleading of and the within doublediamondframework. are considered

Key phrases to в– A doublediamondmodelis alreadybeingused simply by Mexicancorporations bothcreateand sustaineconomic progress.


in of is definitely M. Doctor Richard Hodgetts Professor Ideal University, Management FloridaInternational Huraco Raton, FL, U. S. A. March1992, revised received April1992. Manuscript

mir volume. 33 • Special Issue • 1993/2


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Richard Hodgetts M.

Assurer Revisited

Porter's and " diamond" fasonas well-known bothresearchers practitioners. to In wayofreprise, modelis depending on four and determinants the country-specific twoexternal variables. These include: 1 . Factorconditions and expense of personnel; suchas: (a) thequantity, skills, (b) rethe plethora, quality, availability, cost of the nation'sphysical and sources; (c) thenation'sstockof understanding resources; theamountand (d) cost of capitalresources and thatare availableto finance market: (e) the and usercost of thenation'sinfrastructure. type, top quality, 2 . Demand conditions just like: (a) the composition demandin the home of market: thesize and regarding thehomedemand; and (c) themechrate (b) anismsthrough whichdomestic and demandis internationalized pullsa nation'sproducts and services abroad. three or more. Relatedand supporting industries while: (a) thepresence internationally this sort of of in indusindustries createadvantages downstream that competitive distributor tries and (b) or efficient, through early, rapidaccessto cost-effective inputs; and can related industries which usually coordinate share internationally competitive in actions thevaluechainwhencompeting thosewhich involve or perhaps products thatare complementary. four. Firmstrategy, companies are and suchas: (a) thewaysin which will structure, competition seekto obtain managedand chooseto compete; thegoals thatcompanies (b) as well as the motives theiremployees and (c) the of and managers; amountof domestic of and and persistence competitive rivalry thecreation in advantage therespective industry. The twooutsideforces, but also affecting competitiveness a region, not the of direct are determinants, these: 1 ) The roleofchanceas causedbydevelopments while: (a) newinventions; such (b) in changes decisions overseas wars; (d) significant politics (c) simply by governments; in worldfinancial marketplaces exchange or discontinuities inputcosts rates; (e) such as olive oil shocks; (f)...

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fifty four

mir vol. 33 • Special Issue • 1993/2

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