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We would like to say thanks to our faculty Ameer Yusuf Khan for his splendid support and guideline during our completing this statement. We are thankful for the patience and the time this individual gave all of us to solve the issues we confronted in making the project.

We might also like to show our honor to the management and all the individuals of PRAN Group who have considered part by assisting us with information on their business, especially to Mr. Chowdhry Kamruzzaman Kamal who is the overall Manager (PRAN Sales-Marketing) of PRAN Group. He helped us a lot by giving his valuable some lots of data which was very essential for us to generate our task a superior one.

We would also like for taking the opportunity to say thanks to our family members, friends and classmates to be so ample, friendly and helpful and assisting us with both minor and major details.

All of us in Bangladesh are blessed with a climate ideally suited to cultivation, specially fruits and vegetables-rich in style and taste: sweet, mellow and delicious.

Our deltaic plains will be among the most agricultural in the world created and drained by the enormous rivers-the Padma, Jamuna & Meghna. There may be plenty of normal water.

And farming is a life style to our persons.

Our comparative advantage since an economic climate lies in culture. We believe the right way to economic wealth is through agri and agro- business.

PRAN Group was born in 1980. Keeping in view the corporate mission of the Group they have over the years diversified their activities in a number of areas. PRAN's biggest asset is their competent team of hands-on managers and dedicated employees.

PRAN can be Bangladesh's largest grower and processor of fruits and vegetables. All their contract declaring no to prop cultivate the choicest vegetables and fruit, which are prepared in their contemporary and delete word factories to highest quality & international criteria.


PRAN is known as a concept: a way to fight low income and hunger in Bangladesh in the least amount of time through employment era. PRAN signifies investment in agro control: creating requirements for farm produce, which in turn create jobs in rural areas also protecting against urban immigration. PRAN's goal is to put value to agricultural generate.

PRAN is in testimony to the convictions. It stands for:


We don't see why we should continue to be poor provided the products endowed by nature such as fertile soil, normal water, year round growing season, a river system for easy and cheap transportation and a difficult working people who have are farmers by traditions.

Bangladesh's comparison advantage lies in creating a competitive edge in value added agricultural products. This is what PRAN stands for.

PRAN's voyage started in 1981. Today they have major purchases of several corporates. They are the largest processors of fruits and vegetables in Bangladesh and fast moving in milk, sweetmeat, tee, aromatic & fine rice, peanuts, pulses, mustard & seasonings to name a few.

PRAN encourages agreement farmers helping them develop quality plants with increased yields and to get hold of fair rates.

In the wall street game their efficiency has been in the same way rewarding with both PRAN Group publicly listed companies: Farming Marketing Company Ltd & Manipur Foundry Ltd reaching В‘blue chip' status.

Promoting PRAN is helping the Bangladeshi character and indeed Bangladesh economy. Accomplishment of PRAN is your success.

Purchasing PRAN is investing in your and Bangladesh's future.

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