Professional Prepare Essay

Professional Prepare

Charlene Hemphill

Bryant & Stratton University

COMM150: Summary of Information Literacy

Ms. Manley

March up to 29, 2011


Making an expert plan means preparing for an upcoming career. Three careers that had been chosen for this assignment of the professional prepare are meals service managing, marketing management, and accountants. I choose foodstuff service management because I would love to personal my own cafe. Owning my very own restaurant has always been a dream of mine in fact it is a goal that I would soon attain. I choose advertising management as it has a lot to do promo and product sales and managing over my own, personal department of marketing. I choose documentalist because it provides a lot related to finances and managing more than customers monetary records. All three of my personal careers have got a lot to perform with supervision and being independent in the business force.


Food support managers possess a lot of tasks and responsibilities to cope with when managing a small restaurant. Before being a manager on the restaurant you will discover tasks that needs to be met, responsibilities such as the actual operations to be a director. (Operation managers include owners and managers who head small businesses whose duties will be primarily management). (The obligations and responsibilities of an operation manager include creating policies, managing daily procedures, and organizing the use of supplies and individual resources) (" General and operations manager”, 2010, para. 1). The tasks that will be performed as a businesses manager is overseeing actions directly associated with making products or providing services, put together activities of business concerned with the production, prices, and product sales, reviewing monetary statement, controlling staff, setting up work schedules, and interviewing, work with and train new employees are also tasks that must be performed (" Basic and functions manager”, 2010, para. 2). The education needed for an operation administrator is trained in vocational university, training including both on-the-job experience and training with experience workers. An associate degree is also preferred pertaining to an operation administrator. The median wage to get an operation administrator an hour can be $44. fifty-five, and for yearly its $92, 650 dollars. Between the years of (2008-2018), the employment rate of an procedure manager can be expected to increase about 2% due to the growth of the company and replacement of careers (" General and functions manager”, 2010, p. five, 6). Administration companies are trying to find management each day to help while using success from the company. Managers are becoming promoted to higher levels of the company, so companies are always buying a replacement of that occupation to aid the company develop and achieve the business force. Now that there is certainly an understanding of the process of becoming an operation manager, it is secure to say that managing a small restaurant can cause success. Meals service managers have an important amount of responsibilities and tasks with regards to managing a cafe. (Food assistance managers are responsible for the daily functions of the cafe that prepare and serve meals to the customers. Besides coordinating different departments, including the kitchen, dining room, and fete operation, food service managers also make certain that customers are fully content with their eating experience. Additionally, they are responsible for all administrative and human- methods of the organization. )(" Meals service managers”, 2010, Afin de. 2) pertaining to an example, they help keep employees operate records, they prepare payroll, and complete paperwork to conform to licensing, tax, wage and hours, joblessness, and sociable security laws and regulations. ) (" Food assistance managers”, 2010, Para. 5) There are much needed tasks that needs to be performed to ensure to top quality of customer support. (Food services managers make sure that diners happen to be served properly and in a timely manner, they handle customer's issues with food top quality and services, they screen orders in the kitchen, and they job...


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