Marketing Segmentation Essay

Marketing Segmentation

United Healthcare


Professor Knabe

September 26, 2013

Marketing Segmentation: United Medical care

An integral part of a business's industry strategy can be market segmentation. Market Segmentation is that process of breaking down a big market in to smaller sets of consumers so that they can market more efficiently. Whether you are someone oriented organization or a business oriented firm you should use Marketplace segmentation.


As a health care insurance provider the market segmentation is based on exploration and academics literature. In the health care sector we cover every component served by simply our organization. Away target market segments are: Business employers

Members-commercial group, individual, Medicare health insurance, and Medical planning Network Physicians


Even though the orientation of each and every analysis differs the almost all have the same basic principles. Experience has resulted in the belief that the best connections between conceptual and analytical ways to derive segments and setup strategies that clients has found useful for improve marketing performance and success. We have the same general approach to marketing since many health care insurance companies. We simply add our own ideas and set a special angle on the business presentation of our product when it comes to each of our marketing strategy. The primary marketplace segment can be our people. The reason being that they are the largest industry segment from the four teams. They can be split up into several groups too. If we present market the products in a way that is appealing to the affiliate not only do retain current users but all of us also catch the attention of new members. The market segmentation must be executed with the potential of an firm to address the resulting sections.


We have a fairly large geographic location, with the most of our associates being located in the usa of America. We originated in the state of California thus most of member or...

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