Essay on Recent Developments in Operation Managing

Latest Trends In Operations Managing

Ans: Recent trends in Operations Managing: -

1 ) CAD/CAM- В CAD/CAM stands for Computer-aided design and Computer-aided manufacturing. It can be used in product development to enable suppliers to design and build their products employing computers. The technology that is developing because the first active graphics was developed at UBER in early 1971s. CAD uses computer graphics and software to enable designers to do the majority of design actions needed to finish engineering design and style that include creating parts in 3D, building them, and producing engineering drawings. CAM generates device path (i. e., NC [numerical control] part program) with reference to CAD database for geometric recommendations. This CAD/CAM technology is a result of advancement of computer hardware and software technology and used in almost all parts of industries in many different varieties helping individuals to do useful jobs in design and style and production activities. 2 . CIM- В Computer Bundled Manufacturing,

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referred to as CIM, is a phrase accustomed to describe the full automation of your manufacturing plant, with all processes operating under laptop control and digital details tying all of them together. It had been promoted by simply machine tool manufacturers inside the 1980's plus the Society intended for Manufacturing Designers (CASA/SME). Often was wrongly diagnosed for the concept of a " lights out" factory. It provides CAD/CAM, computer-aided design/computer-aided developing, CAPP, computer-aided process preparing, CNC, pc numerical control machine tools, DNC, direct numerical control machine equipment, FMS, flexible machining devices, ASRS, computerized storage and retrieval devices, AGV, computerized guided vehicles, use of robotics and computerized conveyance, digital scheduling and production control, and a small business system built-in by a common data basic. 3. FMS- A...


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