Analysis of «It Happened in India» Research Paper



Visual Merchandising: Producing the store speak with the customers. Implemented at pantaloons. Everything is theme centered. Fashion belonged to the common gentleman. It should not just be for the top notch The 1st pantaloons location was selected because there had been no methods. KB believed that steps intimidated people Always emphasized on world. Vision is that people in Mercedes and those who walked on foot should be store at the same place. Didn't replicate the traditional western hyper marts blindly. Western hypermarts are huge warehouses with long areas. Meant for solitary shopper. Indians like to shop with friends and family. Hence multiple floor strategy copied by saravana in madras. Big bazaar was based on the concept of having a sales 365 days 12 months. Spent a whole lot on marketing in preliminary years to build brand benefit. Even sustained loss due to this. Timing of Calcutta retail outlet (pantaloons) was perfect. Durga puja was around the corner. The location was usually plagued by hits and all. However the worst stage was today over. Furthermore, the city a new huge number of midsection class family members with earnings to spend. KB is a person with good opinions. He can break all traditions if he thinks that he is right. Has always believed in experimenting.

3 of the C's- Assurance, change which usually together result in an era of consumption Every single community in india in peculiar in the ways this shops. Big bazaar understood the local masses. Primary job of retailer is to generate demand.

Focus was always upon customer.

Store managers enjoy a lots of freedom.

Large number of micro enterprises in India.

Wants to promote the welfare coming from all involved in the business, including the hands rickshaw puller who gives stuff towards the shop on time. Believes there is certainly enough space for all those in the full business. Never get also attached to any kind of project or idea....


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