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Time is a crucial strategic problem. For example , assume you are a customer being interested in a certain product. This device is very pricey and long-lasting. It's potential is more you need. Once you've bought it, you should use it for decades. Even product improvements and new versions would only rarely cause you to be buying a fresh one, mainly because they're incredible expensive. The second market to sell the product might exist, but you'd have to sell it at a discount due to technology improvements. The key question for you as a consumer is the following: How a large number of products will you buy? The answer is simple: One. What does that mean for companies offering exclusively such a product? If a client buys a particular product only one time and stays on with it, only one company can provide this customer. The company, that first provides to her / him, wins. The competitors don't have any chance to convince the customer to switch as well as to buy the the very next time from them, because there is no next time. This reveals the strategic problem: Time. If the company is the first launching a product, it has a first-mover-advantage. When a company is usually second, an element of the market has already been served, therefore, the total require and the maximum revenues lowered.

How can businesses be successful in such an environment? There's just one way: Become the first! Either mainly because there's no fans (you're a monopolist), or perhaps because you launch the item earlier than your competitors do. This means for any business that no matter what it does, it must ensure that the item is introduced before the rivals launch goods (staying from the market is no option seeing that it's the company's only product). This brings us to the question of available methods. How many resources you will need to invest to be the first primarily depends on just how many methods your competitor's are trading. Moreover, if they all of a sudden increase their purchases trying to outpace you, you ought to be able to respond.

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