Essay regarding Restaurant one particular


Sureya Gafurova

September 3, 2014

ENGL 004-05 Standard Writing

Ms. Shannon Muclewicz

Paper a couple of Description of your place

Many of us have well known restaurant that we prefer to dine in. Almost always there is that one restaurant that you will holiday resort back to at the time you don't feel like taking the likelihood of trying a brand new place away. Why is that? What type of evaluations do you conduct on a restaurant when you dine? What factors lead you to believe a restaurant is perfect for you? I'm going to talk about some of these factors on one of my most regularly visited restaurants " The Olive Backyard. ” The Olive Back garden is a franchise chain of Italian food restaurants. The restaurant provides over 780 locations disseminate all over The United states of america and Canada. They are reasonable mid-priced when compared with their competition. Their prices could be just like the Einzugsgebiet Steak residence or that of a local Mom and Pop Italian cafe. For the kind of food Olive Garden acts you would anticipate the pricing to be in comparison to that of an upscale excellent dining Italian language restaurant. The Olive Gardens business aim is to make a genuine Italian dining encounter. The interior and exterior designers went to great lengths to help make the restaurant feel and look just like a traditional Italian cafe in Tuscany, Italy. In fact , Olive Yard continues to upgrade their cycle of restaurants based on actual Italian structure, art, and interior design. In the event that you where to visit the Olive Yard corporate website you would get many images posted of Tuscany, Italy and the inspiration they use to create their restaurants. You begin to feel this experience just like you will be pulling in to the parking lot. The exterior of Olive Back garden is usually coated an gray color with grape pampre leading up the side with the walls. Old brickwork and wooden benches make up the outside design. The exterior of the cafe are always very well maintained. As you walk throughout the front door, you are still greeted by a friendly...



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