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Through this paper I will review the results of the Self Evaluation. this will allow myself to identify as well as explain which will three of the six dimensions of overall health are my personal strongest. Let me also illustrate how I will be better on the 3 remaining sizes. Through this course I will recognize the changes that really must be made in order to improve on my overall health.

All the six proportions of well being are essential to a persons life and really should be taken significantly in order to look after our bodies. Combining each aspect to create a stability in our lives will bring about improved mental as well as physical health. through behavioral improvements this sensitive balance may be achieved. After completion of the Self Assessment pertaining to the six proportions of health the results have exposed there are three dimensions which i am best in and three sizes that I ought to improve on. I actually am most powerful in Spiritual Health, Interpersonal Health, and Emotional Wellness. I need to turn Environmental Wellness, Intellectual Health, and Physical Health.

Psychic health is definitely associated with how an individual perceives their chosen religion, the road they take while using chosen religious beliefs, and how they are at existence in general. My spouse and i am good in this dimension. This as well relates to Social Health since both correspond with how an individual acts toward others along with how others act toward me. I really do not associate with a particular organized religion I do trust in a higher electric power. I relate closely to folks I encompass myself with and the earthly environment around me.

Interpersonal Health is definitely associated with leading to the community plus the environment that may be around each of us. I feel this relates to Spiritual Health also. I relate to others well in cultural situations and am mindful of the environment about me. My spouse and i try to reside in harmony with my community as well as...

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