Search and seizure Composition

Search and seizure

University Staff must not have the directly to search students school lockers without proper reasoning. It is the students property and searching kinds property can be an invasion of level of privacy. The fights in favor of allowing such research online are it ensues university safety in fact it is to protect employees, and other stidents. They also claim that it is not the students property because it a rental, therefore it is the schools property. The disputes against permitting such research online are that it is an attack of privacy and that you will not regret help with basic safety because college students barely possess time for their lockers, at most two minutes. They also say that if there is no mistrust or reason to be searching a college students locker it will not become allowed. I agree with this kind of argument mainly because I was a teenager with a locker and would not be happy if perhaps my locker room got researched without my personal consent.

Though I disagree with the search and seizure policy, their side does have a reasonable disagreement. They use the fact that medicines possibly could possibly be smuggled in school and sold, since metal sensors cant discover drugs. Even though this is very true, this could be compared because if you have no cause to be suspicious of a kid offering illegal chemicals there really should not a reason to locate his/her locker room for medicines. They also suggest that the kids lockers aren't their house or journal, it's simply a loan at school property therefore the locker shouldnt be a teens " provate space” but the same time if it's financing the students are able to put what exactly they want in the locker during their time of owning. This can be a very debatable topic and bith factors have incredibly good disputes.

On the other hand, the arguments against search and seizure are very persuasive. They should not be able to search pupils lockers with no warrants because the students bank loan the lockers for the year, making it theirs. They have total ownership of the lockers, thus unless we have a reason being suspicious of that locker,...


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