McDonalds is the largest fast food restaurant today with restaurants in 119 countries all over the world McDonalds has a very varied and multicultural workforce.

Through this audit and assessment how diverse the organisation can be I will have the organisations background, company procedures on variety, it's profile, assess the business in regards to equality, discuss the implications of diversity by McDonalds and present my tips along with an example of a training workshop programs on diversity that could be used.

McDonalds Backdrop


Richard and Maurice McDonald initial started the restaurant in 1940 but it began being a barbecue place, then in 1948 that they re-organized the business as a hamburger stand. An enterprise man named Ray Kroc became a franchise agent for the company in 1955. He then bought the chain from Richard and Maurice McDonald and he was ultimately responsible for their worldwide development. Ray Kroc achieved this kind of by persuasive franchisees and suppliers to buy into the business. McDonald's initially restaurant to be opened in Ireland was in 1977 with the McDonalds drive-thru in nutgrove, co Dublin


B is a take out restaurant who is most well-liked items on the menu are burgers, cheeseburgers, poultry nugget/chicken burgers, French fries, puddings, breakfast items, soft drinks, coffee/tea and milkshakes. They also offer green salads, fish things, smoothies, fresh fruit bags and wraps together with the occasional limited addition items such as a exceptional types of burger or perhaps ice-cream. In certain countries like Germany B sells beer on their menus. McDonalds loves to please the customer and conform their choices to the precise location of the restaurant. The organisation prides itself penalized of a top quality every ingredient must be tested and sampled to make sure it is up to their very own standards. There is a long and very strong romance with its suppliers enabling these to keep up this kind of quality. In Ireland almost all beef, sausage, milk, dairy products, water and eggs will be bought from Irish suppliers. They will strive to make use of local develop from just about every country they are located in.


McDonalds can be found today in 119 countries throughout the world. In countries such as Ireland, America, Germany, Chinese suppliers, England, Canada, Australia, Japan, France, New Zealand and Spain like a few of these kinds of countries. The main McDonalds hq is named the McDonalds Plaza and is situated in Oak Stream, Illinois in the usa.


Many customers head to McDonald's restaurants for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner and for small snack food everyday worldwide. McDonald's provide around 68 million buyers daily in the 119 countries it is located within. McDonalds caters for a wide variety of clients of all ages, religions and nationalities. It is directed at those who have no time to make, need meals on the go or don't wish to cook and wish something fast and easy. There are a selection of things on the menu to attract all in the happy foods for kids, the salads pertaining to the health conscious and the typical items to pick from. Although they perform put a hefty envious in attracting children to eat there with balloons and playgrounds at the restaurants they do not target there foodstuff at about particular sexuality the amount or male to female customers are quite equal.


With the business operating in more than 34, 500 restaurants and serving around 68 , 000, 000 customers every day they are an extremely tough competition for their main opponents in the pret a manger market. They bring in more profit and customers than any other rival chain in each and every location they can be situated in. The regular McDonalds cafe in the U. S brought in 2 . 6th million us dollars in revenue last year which has been a great deal more than Burger King whose sales typical came in for 1 . 2 million dollars. McDonalds can be a step prior to the competition inside marketing approaches,...

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