Some Factors That Impact the Mathematical Potential of 2nd Year Ssc Students in Panabo Countrywide High School Composition

CHAPTER one particular


Background of the Study

In this time, great teachers and good instructing methods are needed so that students can easily gain more knowledge especially in the subject Math. Many learners fail, due to difficulty with this subject. These types of methods ought to be introduced to the scholars to improve even more in their Statistical abilities.

In PNHS, many students have a problem in Math, because through this subject by using more evaluation and understanding problems. Mathematics is not easy for the Math professors, because a few students have zero interests with this subject; due to its difficulty. Teachers must motivate the students to analyze this subject matter. If the college students able to research this subject, there is a big possibility to or increase their grades. But if the duration of period spent pertaining to studying this lesson is usually not enough, the student's accomplishment in their Numerical ability will be decreased. So , studying is essential to the pupils.

There are so many factors that can have an effect on or simply cannot affect the Numerical ability of your student. A single factor is watching Television, because it can consume the time of your students to get studying all their lessons.

Another factor is definitely, having insufficient allowance, since some pupils are not interested to go to university if their allocation is not enough. Another is Internet addiction, because they put in their time for this, t addiction and the students have lack of affinity for studying that will lead for them got low grades.

Through this study, we all will know the factors that can or cannot affect the Mathematical capacity of I-Universe and I-Galaxy.

Statement of the Problem

This kind of study was executed to answer this questions:


-Duration of time spent for studying Math concepts

-Number of hours put in for watching Television

-Internet Craving


1 . Precisely what is the average level of man students in Mathematics during 2nd Grading Period? installment payments on your What the typical grade of female learners in Math concepts during subsequent Grading Period? 3. What the average amounts of hours perform students spent for studying their lessons in Math? 4. The actual average numbers of hours do students put in for watching Television everyday? your five. What is the typical numbers of several hours do learners spent intended for surfing the web? 6. Do they offer a significant difference between male and feminine students to their Mathematical capability? 7. Is there a significant relationship between the numbers of hours put in for studying their lessons in Math to their Numerical ability? eight. Is there a significant relationship between your numbers of hours spent for watching Television with their Mathematical capability? 9. Do they offer a significant romantic relationship between the amounts of hours put in for browsing the net to their Mathematical potential? Theoretical Framework

This study states the training of the college students using a great teaching approach. If a pupil satisfies towards the result of his/her Mathematical performance, the life long time is plenty, the television impact is reduced, internet addiction is likewise being minimized and the allocation must be boost. Hypotheses

The following hypotheses had been tested at0. 05 or 5% degree of significance.

Ho1: There is no factor between men and female college students to their Mathematical ability.

Ho2: There is no significant relationship between the numbers of several hours spent intended for studying Math lessons with their Mathematical capability.

Ho3: There is not any significant romance between the numbers of hours put in for watching television to their Mathematical ability.

Ho4: There is no significant relationship involving the numbers of several hours spent to get surfing the net to their Numerical ability Conceptual Framework


Variables Factors

-Gender Academic performance

-Duration of time spent of First year SSC during

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