Essay regarding State of Georgia sixth is v. McKenzie Crowe, 2013: Legal Trial inside the Newton State Courthouse

12 , 2, 2013

State of Georgia v. McKenzie Crowe, (2013)

Criminal Trial; Newton County Court hosue

The Legal Trial of Defendant McKenzie Crowe contains several different essential factors that contributed to the death of Allison Bells, a precious grandmother, mom, and sister. On January 28, 2013 at two: 30 a. m., McKenzie Crowe was driving northbound on Prepare rd. even though the victim Allison Bell was Explorer was totaled. Authorities airlifted Allison to Grady where your woman was pronounced dead upon arrival. When McKenzie Crowe's blood alcoholic beverages level was taken, the girl had a 1 ) 02% blood vessels alcohol level. Unfortunately the limit whilst intoxicated can be. 08%. This is true only if the driver is of the best drinking age, which is twenty-one. All motorists who will be younger than twenty-one will need to read just. 02%, or the driver can be charged which has a standard DRUNK DRIVING offense and underage ingesting and driving a car. Based on the knowledge given how long should McKenzie Crowe be held to look at the life of Allison Bell? The Best Court Judge Eugene Benton forewarned McKenzie Crowe that she could actually acquire fifteen years in confinement. The Evaluate handed down the situation to the prosecutor, who suggested McKenzie that she has approximately four years to file intended for habeus ensemble. The prosecutor then proceeded to ask McKenzie if she gives up her rights and pleads guilt ridden. After studying McKenzie her Miranda rights she implies for the states recommendation for is important two and counts several. The Judge then see the Miranda legal rights to McKenzie asking her if the lady understands, and if all the truth is true. The Judge caused it to be perfectly obvious that there could be Page two no one to cause her to plead guilty. McKenzie can only plead on a voluntary basis and factual basis. There had been no talks made, but yet McKenzie continue to wanted to...


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