Summer Internship Project Record Format Essay

Summer Internship‐2013

Guidelines to get Summer Internship Project Statement for

MBA 2 Semester Students

Institute of Management



Job Work is the best way to rehearse what you have learnt. The goal of including project report inside the 2nd term is to give you an opportunity to look into a problem making use of management principle in a medical manner. That enables you to apply your conceptual knowledge in a practical condition and to the art of conducting a report in a methodical way and presenting it is finding in coherent statement. As student-managers, you are constantly searching for information to base for you to decide. How you collect, synthesize and make the data significant is what you learn through this technique. Objectives:

5. To expose students to the doing work of any kind of organization and managers.

* To relate the concepts learnt by the college students to the doing work of the organization.

* To work on a problem identified by organization as well as student and so understand the practical aspects of the significant of an organization. Guidelines:

* The compulsory project work will be for a period of minimum of sixty days. (45 times in industry + two weeks report preparation) * Trainees shall send 2 clones of project reports following your completion of the project work within a week. * Students shall seek out the assistance of the internal guide over a continuous basis, and the guideline shall provide a certificate towards the effect the fact that candidate worked satisfactorily below his/her assistance. * About completion of the project operate, student shall prepare a statement with the subsequent format.

* The project report shall not go over more than forty-five pages. 2. The project report will be prepared using word processor chip Viz., MS Word, Bookman Old Style with 12 typeface. * All the reports will probably be printed in the A4 size 1” margin on the sides, 1 line spacing. 5. The statement being submitted shall be hard bound with the title of school and month and 12 months of entry. * The report will be given for binding just after Authorization Certificate is usually issued by Mentor and Coordinator Teachers. * An undertaking by the student to the effect which the work is independently completed by him/her. 5. The license from the business.

Project Statement Format

* Cover page (Project Title, identity of the college student with roll no, brand of the information, Name and designation from the person of the organisation who may have guided you, Name of the university & name of the institute along with logo) * Assertion

* Certificate of Coach, Coordinator Teachers & Head of the Institute * Acknowledgement

* Certificate from Market


PART-I (Introduction)

2. Executive Brief summary – should certainly contain a simple explanation with the project. 5. Introduction to the idea

* Aims of the analyze

PART-II (Profile of the Company)

* Market profile(maximum a few pages)

5. History

* Expansion

* International and National scenario

* Some prominent businesses in the industry, their performance 5. Company profile(maximum 8 pages)

* Background inception with the company

* Nature in the business taken

* Vision, Mission and Quality Insurance plan

* Product/Services Profile

* Area of Procedure – Global/National/Regional

* Possession Pattern

2. Competitors Info

* Infrastructural facilities

5. Financial condition

5. Achievement Merit if any

Guidelines for part-II


Overall firm structure information – Board of Directors/functional head and so forth Substructure working with each efficient discipline.


Classification of skill – detail things taken to provide necessary skills – on the job/off the work training.


Any one strategy adopted by the company should be considered to explain, " How it truly is implemented” elizabeth. g. pricing/waste elimination and so forth


Program followed in just about any...

Bibliography: Annexure

Financial Statements (if applicable)

Questionnaires (if applicable)

Requirement from you

5. Be keen to listen, to learn, to talk

* End up being curious

* Be honest

2. Show your ethics

2. Define your system language



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