Swot: Film and Warner Bros. Article

Warner Bros

SWOT Analysis


5. Warner Bros. is one of the major movie makers in the world which is recognized internationally. With this high brand reputation because an entertainment leader, Warner Bros. contains a strong competitive advantage. 2. As a big company, Warner Bros. has large funds and enough resources to make high quality films and effectively market these people without joining up with other functions. These funds also enable this company to use the most popular actors, writers, and directors. 5. With its advantages, Warner Bros. has made many container office visitors and attained significant earnings both domestically and internationally from admission sales, DVD MOVIE sales, accommodations, and television set. Weaknesses

* A single weakness, which usually affects all movie galleries, is that there is absolutely no concrete process for selecting which usually films are manufactured. Due to this concern, the company builds up ten ideas at once although eventually just one of them is manufactured into a film. This costs the company the two time and money. Additionally, film productions are well reputed for running previous deadlines; a reported 35% of the films are behind schedule and take more hours than expected. In fact , they say " five per cent of late films take into account 80% of total price overruns. Chances

5. The entertainment industry is incredibly competitive and Warner Bros. can boost its position through certain activities such as improving its international appeal. 2. The film industry keeps growing rapidly abroad and we perhaps have been hit by the recent economic climate and are unable to disregard this. In order to be more attractive internationally, Warner Bros. must seek the services of more stars that have intercontinental recognition, and be careful of the genres of its films. * To be able to stay competitive, Warner Bros. should always invest in better, including 3-D technology, IMAX, and digital versatile disc emits. * Finally, since Warner Brothers can be described as powerhouse, it has the opportunity to engage in partnerships by itself terms. This provider must exploit their situation to seek...


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