Essay about tesla swot


Simply by Xin Xiong

August tenth 2014

Organization Overview

Founded in 2003 and based in Palo Enorme, Tesla Power generators is one of the leading high-tech auto companies, which produce the fully electrical vehicles and powertrain elements. The company runs operations in 31 countries and hires over six, 000 staff around the world. Tesla Motors has a increasingly large growth charge, recording its revenues of 2, 013, 496 in 2013 (See Figure 1). Product sales of their current model, Tesla Style S, reach about 22, 300 in 2013, rank the fourth amongst world electric vehicle (See Figure 2).

The company at the moment focuses product sales on the second-generation auto, the Unit S, and is also developing the Model Times and Style III crossover based on this kind of platform. Simultaneously, Tesla ideas to achieve 74% sales expansion rate within this year (Tesla Motors Gross annual Report, 2014).

Figure 1: Total Revenues (in USD)

Source: Tesla Motor Annual Report (2014)

Physique 2: World Electrified Vehicle Sale 2013 (in USD)

Source: Zachary Shahan (2014)

Tesla SWOT Analysis (grid)


пЃ¬Mature global network and world famous brand

пЃ¬The premium speeding and driving range functionality

пЃ¬Limited manufacturing amount and solid dependence on the suppliers пЃ¬Shortage of supercharger stations in China's industry


пЃ¬Recovery of community automobile marketplace

пЃ¬Government incentives to get electric automobilesпЃ¬Competition from founded automobile producers and new entrants пЃ¬Concentrated industrial structure and potential trade constraints

Strengths (these correspond to the bullet details above)

Fully developed global network and popular brand

Tesla Motors is an international business that operates its procedure in 116 locations in 18 countries of five regions. The global network can benefit Tesla to attract more potential consumers and promote its brand by exhibiting the products and providing the test drive, and also to receive the helpful feedback in a short time. Relating to Navigate Research, 22% Americans familiar the Tesla Model S i9000 to some extent, approaching third among all the acceptance ratio of different fuel automobile models in the America (See Figure 3). SAP Social websites Analysis suggests that Tesla has got the highest rate at about 150, 000 social mentions during the second half of 2013 (See Figure 4). Cross-continental networks and the universal brand are the features that can generate Tesla more competitive in the electric automobile industry (Tesla Annual Statement, 2014).

Figure a few: Familiarity with Alternative Fuel Types, United States: 2013 Source: Navigant Research (2014)

Figure four: World Sociable Mentions of electrical Cars in Second Fifty percent 2013 Resource: SAP Social websites Analytics (2014)

The high grade accelerating and driving selection performance

In comparison with competitors inside the electric vehicle industry, Tesla shows high quality accelerating performance. Model S can speed up to 60 miles per hour in 4. 2 mere seconds, and can reach the top rate at 130 miles per hour. By contrast, it is strongest rival, Nissan Tea leaf, needs 6th. 9 seconds to speed up to 60 mph, and can only attain the highest speed by 90 your. Tesla as well surpasses other electric automobile competitors on the single-charge range, which can cover the range of 300 miles with a solitary charge. On the other hand, the predicted distances of Nissan Tea leaf, Chevy Watt, and Focus from ford EV per single impose are 73, 35, and 100 mls respectively (Seagul, 2014).

Weaknesses (these correspond to the bullet points above)

Limited manufacturing amount and good dependence on the lithium battery packs supplier

Tesla faces a potential shortage of transport. According to Reuters, a global sale of Tesla is 22, 3000 in 2013, and expectedly to maintain an increasingly growth rate within the next five years, especially after Model By enters industry (See Determine 5). Nevertheless , the make volume of Tesla is currently...


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