Essay about The Celtic Religion

The Celtic Religion

The Celts were an ancient group who booming a substantial area of Europe in the British Isles to Galatia. The Celts are thought to acquire existed via about 1000BC to the very first century when they were overcome by the Romans. The Celtic religion was extremely sophisticated and is difficult for present day man to comprehend. This essay will go over the nature and role of religion in the old Celtic culture.

The Celts had been polytheistic writing some philosophy that spanned across all of the tribes; however , each group had their particular beliefs and rituals. The Celts worshiped many gods and goddesses and a lot of the Celtic faith revolved around the worship of natural phenomena including normal water, sky, mountain range, trees and earth. The worship of water deities was common among all Celtic tribes due to their medicinal and healing properties. There have been a number offerings which the Celts created for their gods that have been present in rivers, springs and water wells. An example of a famous Celtic-healing site linked with water is usually Bath found in England. Other areas where Celts made offerings to their gods were in sacred lines and forest clearings. Family pets were revered by the Celts for their unique qualities of speed, power, ferocity and cunning and the gods that have been represented were mostly in animal contact form. Some of the pets or animals important to the Celts included boars, stags, bears, hares, birds and horses.

Due to the Celts close reference to nature shrines and altars were built-in the forest. These were generally made of wooden, evidence with this is found in traditional literature. For instance , Lucan, a Roman poet, describes a great altar within a forest near Marseilles, " altars were erected in little hillocks and all the trees had been purifies with human bloodstream. ” Also this is evidence of sacrifice, which produced a part of the nature of the Celtic religion. Both humans and animals had been sacrificed in honour of their gods. Julius Caesar mentions such sacrifice...


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