The Daily Milk Marketplace in Egypt Essay

Dairy Milk Category U& A quick

* Introduction:

The Daily Milk market in Egypt is considered to be a very competitive 1 with one main market leader, which is Juhayna. The Dairy Milk market is really worth about EGP 1 . eight Million and the market is nonetheless growing with rates of 18% in volume and 21% in value that's between 2009-2011. The market is usually price delicate. In the listed below figure you observe the trademark the Dairy products Milk indicate

The first to minimize through the marketplace was Juhayna in 1983 when Loaded Milk made up only 1% of the entire market. Today the Jam-packed Milk comprises to 26% of the market with Juhayna being the leader with 67% of the before mentioned industry. UHT Milk makes up to 98% of the volume talk about of the market and only 2 % is left to the Fresh Dairy. The market is divided because elaborated in the following.

The continuous regarding the market is because of several reasons; Entry of new players just like Elmarai in 2009, conversion of Loose Dairy users to Packed Dairy users and heavy promoting investment.

5. Manny making an entrance:

Manny Clean Milk produced an entry in the Dairy products Milk market in Sept. Manny searching for to expand in the New Milk section and to embark in the UHT segment. What it needs understand to get a better understanding of the Fresh Milk part and develop it as well as figure just how it can slice through the UHT segment. Manny is looking to improve its business as fast as possible and locate market spaces it can fill in order to expand faster. What Manny requires is strong marketing strategies and a good comprehension of the market as well as the consumer in order to reach the goals. As i have said before the Dairy Milk market is a growing industry that is filled up with opportunities. The marketplace has been developing for two decades now and by capitalizing on the business strengths, reducing its weaknesses and try to get a good understanding of your competitors and especially industry leaders and exactly how they acquired there, they will go considerably in this marketplace. * Goals:

Our objectives is broken into two sub objectives:

1 . Marketing Objective: Manny's main objective is to reach a minimum of 10% market share over the following 18 months. This could be 10% in the whole Jam-packed Dairy Dairy market which include UHT and Fresh Dairy. 2 . Study Objective: Mainly our target from this studies to come up with all kinds of strategies that best fit Manny in order to reach their main goal of getting a double-digit business by 2014. We need to identify the marketing strategies that will make the growth and advancement many a fairly smooth procedure. A specific target audience needs to be established in order to be centered on the portion Manny is attempting to reach. Following determining that specific customers Manny has to come to terms with their needs and how they will reach them in the best suited way. Exactly what they trying to find when they are obtaining that certain project and try to make it for them. Arrive to grabs with the greatest means of interaction possible to get the message through in addition to figure out the content with the message which will make the target target audience feel interested in out product. Through understanding both the market, their audience as well as Manny's budget we should set the best price that will offer Manny command in the market. Finally we need to arranged the perfect parts of distribution in order not to throw away cash and effort employing wrong ones.

* Testing Accuracy and Target Audience

Sampling accuracy and target audience are two essential elements in the marketing research mix in in an attempt to come up with the best precision and credibility. Making sure we have these two elements in the tote we can speak more confidently about the approaches and easily decide which are the most suitable strategies 5. Target Audience: This can be a necessity to comprehend which part we are aiming to approach in order to understand their demands and cater to them. Identifying the right target audience makes it much easier to understand...


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