The Impact of Slave Trade on African Economy

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 Essay about The Impact of Slave Operate on African Economy

WhatВ wereВ theВ impactsВ ofВ theВ slaveВ tradesВ onВ Africa? В ExploreВ political, В social, В andВ economicВ measurements. В DidВ youВ agreeВ withВ WalterВ RodneyВ etВ alВ thatВ impactВ wasВ significantВ causedВ stagnationВ andВ underdevelopmentВ orВ JosephВ MillerВ thatВ itВ wasВ notВ devastating? В В В

SlaveryВ andВ theВ slaveВ tradeВ areВ ancientВ practicesВ thatВ canВ beВ tracedВ backВ moreВ thanВ twoВ


millennia in Africa.  During the 19​

century, В theВ transВ­AtlanticВ slaveВ tradeВ radicallyВ impairedВ

Africa'sВ potentialВ toВ developВ economicallyВ andВ maintainВ itsВ socialВ andВ politicalВ stability. В MillionsВ ofВ AfricansВ wereВ forcefullyВ soldВ andВ transportedВ toВ EuropeВ andВ theВ America'sВ asВ slaves. В AccordingВ toВ lecturesВ inВ classВ byВ ProfessorВ Lumumba, В byВ myВ understanding, В theВ primaryВ goalВ ofВ relocatingВ AfricansВ intoВ EuropeВ andВ theВ America'sВ wasВ partВ ofВ aВ globalВ economicВ enterprise. В ThisВ commerceВ spreadВ fromВ theВ WesternВ coastВ ofВ AfricaВ toВ theВ restВ ofВ theВ continentНѕВ fromВ theВ islandsВ ofВ Goreé andВ SaintВ­Louis, В inВ currentВ SenegalВ toВ QuelimaneВ inВ presentВ Mozambique. В TheВ tradeВ affectedВ livesВ ofВ millionsВ ofВ diverseВ AfricansВ comingВ fromВ regionsВ suchВ asВ Senegamba, В SierraВ Leone, В WestВ­CentralВ Africa, В SouthВ­EastВ Africa, В theВ BightВ ofВ Benin, В theВ GoldВ Coast, В andВ theВ BightВ ofВ Biafra. В Moreover, В itВ startedВ theВ systemicВ andВ continuousВ processВ ofВ economicВ exploitationВ andВ socialВ andВ politicalВ fragmentationВ thatВ EuropeansВ laterВ institutionalizedВ throughВ colonization. В Politically, В theВ AtlanticВ tradeВ ledВ toВ theВ formationВ ofВ semiВ­В feudalВ classesВ inВ Africa. В ToВ knowВ thatВ thereВ wereВ AfricansВ whoВ associatedВ themselvesВ withВ EuropeansВ toВ sanctionВ theВ oppressionВ ofВ theirВ ownВ peopleВ raisedВ aВ question. В WasВ itВ aВ strategicВ wayВ ofВ profitingВ fromВ trade? В TheВ fragmentedВ politicalВ structureВ wasВ relatedВ toВ aВ generalВ stateВ ofВ insecurityВ thatВ facilitatedВ enslavement. В TheseВ menВ usuallyВ wouldВ makeВ substantialВ gainsВ fromВ theВ trade. В DespiteВ thatВ EuropeansВ wereВ theВ onesВ whoВ benefitedВ fromВ theВ tradeВ theВ most. В Economically, В theВ AtlanticВ...

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The effect of Servant Trade
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