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THE 4 P's OF MARKETING one particular


Garret Britain


THE 4 P's OF MARKETING a couple of


With this report Garret will be covering the " Four P's” of marketing the Sony Ps3. He will inform why this device interests him and how crucial the price make of obtain are of promoting this product. He can also be groing through how the product would be marketed and how to attract customers so they really will buy the Sony Playstation.

THE 4 P's OF MARKETING several

For this project I chose to talk about the Fiat Playstation 3. The reason why I chose the product is because I am a big fan of Sony and I have owned or operated all of the Nintendo wii game systems. So as time passes of the Nintendo wii I have not merely owned and played each of the systems yet I have seen how much they have grown. The Playstation 3 arrived around 08 and when it was brand new the purchase price was about $250. 00. You're probably thinking that's actually expensive for any toy. When I seen almost everything the Playstation three or more could do I realized that this system was worth buying. Besides it enjoy video games however it runs the web, plays Blu-Ray movies and it links you together with the world. You are able to go online and play with persons all across the world. The key reason why it was therefore expensive was because they knew a lot of people would run out to the nearby store to buy a Every single. When you think about how much money went into making this equipment you would discover why it costs so much. This ps3 3 came out with backwards suitability which means not merely can you enjoy the new video games but you can perform all the old games as well. It also price so much as it had the most up-to-date technology and a 60 gigabyte hard disk. When the Ps3 came out it had top of the line technology in that and there is nothing that may beat this. This product originated from Japan therefore you also have to...

Referrals: I failed to use virtually any references I just used my own knowledge of this product.


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