The Catcher In The Rye

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 Essay about The Catcher In The Rye

п»їJessie Williams Jr.

Ms. Eikum

AP English

03 4, 2014

Technology in Schools

I use my cellphone every day. I use it in classroom as well as outside the class. Some people believe that's a trouble, but I think otherwise. I think if we employ technology smartly, then it might benefit all of us more than trigger us damage.

One particular reason I do think we should not really ban technology in sessions is because it can be a good way to obtain information. Generally, cell phones have got internet access which will students can use to find details for projects and assignments. One time, my personal biology school used laptops, but there have been not enough notebook computers for everyone. Consequently , having a cell phone to go on the web would be helpful. In this case, a cell phone will do more good than harm.

Another reason cell phones should not be restricted in sessions is because learners can use them as a reminder or planner. Generally, cell phones possess a diary built in the device. In my biology class, Excellent unit your five test, unit portfolio assessment and a lab statement due all on several days; I used my calendar application in my cellphone to be a prompt. Therefore , cell phones can help remind me i have assignments and checks coming up. This shows that a cell phone may benefit students in the classrooms.

Finally, cell phones would be the most beneficial when it comes to organization. Generally, mobile phones and tablets are one devices rather than as easy to shed as multiple papers. We am certainly not organized. My spouse and i lose a lot of papers; and if you look in my back pack, it's a mess. I dropped my training for my personal AVID category before and didn't get any credit for it. Therefore , if we used tablets more regularly than papers in class, we're able to be more structured and keep the stuff together. Tablets will keep us arranged and benefit it us.

On the other hand, cell phones and tablets can harm all of us. People assume that cell phones and tablets can be quite a huge distraction. Cell phones and tablets super fine when it comes to entertainment with the...

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The Heurter In The Rye
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