The Little Points Essay


The world is now affected by countless problems. As a result, lives have been misplaced and people have wept for their loved ones. But the issue is who is ready to give what he has for people poor people? With this very second, our littermates in the Eastern Visayas will be struggling through the fear of what might happen in the next few minutes. No one understands what may possibly abound them in the near future. Who else could help them yet us? We need to always be willing to sacrifice the possessions for all those in need. The nature of Bayanihan can be proven in the tiny things we do to aid others. A lot of may not recognize the good we all do, nevertheless at least, we did what we needed to. It is not the merit in the people around us that defines us, but simply how much we have loved the poor. Not necessarily the majority, nevertheless God, that will reward all of us. We should open up our heads and always become willing to assist at times when people cry pertaining to help. When we are tried, always keep in mind that hope exists in the minds of the devoted. Never reduce faith in God and have rely upon Him!

Guide: Thesis

1 . The world suffers from numerous problems

2 . Life is lost and families weep.

3. Who may be ready to make them?


Key Sentence:

1 . We should be ready to sacrifice our property for those in need. Promoting Details:

1 . The brothers and sisters inside the Eastern Visayas are attempting from the fear of what may well happen after. 2 . No person knows what might are plentiful them soon. 3. Who also else could help them yet us?

Main Sentence:

2 . The spirit of Bayanihan could be shown inside the little items we carry out to help other folks.

Supporting Specifics:

1 . Some might not exactly realize the favorable we carry out, but by least, all of us did whatever we had to. installment payments on your It is not the merit of people that defines us, although how much we have loved the poor. 3. It is far from the majority, yet God, who does reward us.


1 . We should open our brains and always be...


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