Essay regarding The Ridiculous Hero

Larry March

Professor R. M Stambaugh

English 1102

twenty-four February 2012

The embodiment of the silly hero:

" Living precedes essence” The only thing we can't certainly not do can be not select. The story in the Guest is around Daru, a lonely schoolteacher in Camus' boyhood house of Algeria. Daru wants living in solitude, but he or she must learn to know that choices will be unavoidable which his options matter. The storyline takes place in the midst of the nineteenth century once Algeria is still a land full of conflict between oppressed Algerian people and their French colonial time rulers. At the outset of the story the French send the gendarme, Balducci to Daru with an Arab convicted of killing. Through Balducci the prisoner comes under the charge of Daru, who have must choose whether to choose him to the law or act according to his honor and enable him move free. Throughout the Arab's over night stay, Daru and his guests develop a connect that educates Daru about the brotherhood of mankind and his equality with this kind of prisoner, a criminal by a different competition. For a great existentialist, Daru's position is definitely significant; ahead of him is placed a morally ambiguous scenario and a dilemma this individual cannot get away. He encounters two alternatives, one to side his guest over to the authorities and earn the hatred in the Algerian people, or two break free from the code of society and help him to go totally free, gaining him his own people's disapproval. Although an issue decision this individual takes a stand and explains to Balducci that he will not turn his guest in. Choice is definitive of the nature of an person. You don't know a person's options until they earn them. Therefore , our characteristics unfolds inside the time of living our lives. Every bond builds up between the two, guest and host, Daru decides to offer the choice for the prisoner. Only in a inhospitable world, Daru illustrates the concept of the ridiculous hero that may be at the root of Camus' philosophy. In a muted, meaningless community where the human being is the just value, we come across the ludicrous in the...


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