The Real Competitive Advantage of the Apple Ipod Essay


The contemporary press is flooded with articles and commentaries extolling the exceptional success of Apple's ipod touch. It seems all of us have an opinion about how design has written for the dominance of Apple in this rewarding, emergent industry, targetedВ—if not lusted afterВ—by savvy hi-tech giants Sony, Samsung, Dell and Ms.

But My spouse and i suspect that anything more smart is afoot; that Apple's design technique is in series with anything we call " value transference. " And if my suspicion is proper, the technology at the heart of the iPod will have little regarding their long lasting competitiveness inside the consumer electronics sphere. Each new iPod agreement brings a fresh form, characteristic, function and cost centered analysis: The brand new York Times' David Pogue offers good consumer reviews on a steady basis. Frog Design's Luke Williams shows that the " clean" look of this method an intentional consequence of references towards the white porcelain and refined chrome tropes of the humble bathroom design experienceВ—we maintain calling the iPod this kind of a " clean design" expressly since it references these kinds of materials and finishes; Susannah Cullinane of the BBC Media suggests that the central iPod design components were borrowed from the in the same way successful Regency TR-1 receptor radio released in 1954; Engadget's Clicker columnist Sophie Speicher evidence how Apple is ready to use the newest iPod to capture the portable video market; still others propose that Apple is looking to control the cell phone handset, or video distant markets, with future ages of this item.

These reflections on style strategy are interesting, and speculating upon future target markets is usually provocative. But I think that something more clever is definitely afoot; that Apple's design and style strategy is in line with something all of us call benefit transferenceВ—a active strategy that can be quite powerful in technology markets. And if my suspicion is correct, the technology in the middle of the ipod device will have little to do with all their long-term competition in the consumer electronics realm. Further, if we try looking in the right locations, we can find out precisely where Apple intends to advance, leveraging the style of the iPodВ—but not the kind of design you imagine.

Research Groundwork

At the Kellogg School of Management's Middle for Analysis on Technology & Creativity, we examine how modern day firms make use of innovation and design to make and support competitive benefits. Of particular interest to the research crew is the premeditated tactical and strategic make use of specific perceptive property regimes (patents, markings, secrets and copyrights) in a time-sequenced manner.

Marks, contrary to patents or copyrights, never expire in the event that used effectively. Registered design and style elements that serve as a brand foundation will be therefore indefinite forms of competitive advantage. Each of our findings extremely support the typical wisdom that design decisions cast a huge shadow within the commercial accomplishment of the merchandise over their lifecycle. Although more recently, we certainly have found that some businesses know how to build brand identification through great design, and they understand how to leveraging and protected critical design and style elements and cognitive contact points of an individual experience through nontraditional marks. In the process, they will build good, transferable brand identity throughout the product lifecycle that can be leveraged in future offerings.

This has led us to consider the possibility that the cognitive touch parts of the user encounter can be reconciledВ—and secured or perhaps monopolizedВ—as unique brand elements through non-traditional marks. Marks, unlike patents or terme conseille, never expire if employed properly. Authorized design factors that serve as a brand foundation are as a result indefinite forms of competitive benefits.

Value Transference

Value transference, in a nutshell, is a premeditated utilization of multiple mental property routines at particular points over the product lifecycle, in order to recognize...


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