The Success of Chinese language Version of Mamma Mia’ Musical Article

Yurun Gu (Rainie)

Professor Barbara Stewart

ESL: English Intended for Research Skills

December 3, 2013

The Success of Chinese Type of ‘Mamma Mia! ' Shows to the Chinese Musicals Development


Lately, musicals in China happen to be being paid out much more reflexion than in the past. The show of Chinese language version of ‘Mamma Mia' has a larger purpose than profit: it really is part of a much larger drive towards a new Chinese imagination. The article will certainly explain for what reason Chinese edition of ‘Mamma Mia! ' made this sort of a great achievements in China and tiawan, and examine what Genitrice Mia! is actually success means for Chinese cinema, including the copyrights introductions, marketing strategies, and managing modes. Then it will seek out ways of creation and endurance of China musicals and present some inspirations for them.


‘Mamma Mia! ' is the initially musical that was purchased from european country and was translated into Mandarin in Cina. It made a huge success. Also, this can be a breakthrough to get Chinese musicals and made considerable significances. When that, musicals in China and tiawan actually almost have failed. According to Zipeng Ren writes inside the Chinese Musicals Survey that in 2011, there were 285 musical performances in Beijing, but the number of viewers is less than 31 million. That means that compared to the total number of performances in Beijing is 13, 470, 000, the musicals just accounted for 2%. The drawbacks are noticeable. First, the story is certainly not moving which can be unable to attract Chinese followers. Hui Lu criticizes inside the Survival and Development of Chinese Musical the level of China musicals is usually not sufficient to meet the requirements. The second reason is a inexperienced business operations. Marketing and operation of any musical is definitely indispensable. Third, because of the premature market, Chinese language musicals shortage professional celebrities and innovative directors. However , everything can be changing genuinely rapidly in China, which includes musicals sector. The success of Oriental version of " Mamma Mia! " showed it was possible to save lots of hope. The whole country is definitely opening up in a way that hasn't took place before. It has achieved a fantastic grade, which was reported which it created myths. The stage drama provides drummed up huge amount of enthusiasm between Chinese movie theater, who will be curious to view how certainly one of China's first translated endeavors of a vintage Western musical will come out. Every detail from this show, provided the development of China original audio for referrals and enlightenments.

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At the moment, Chinese industry increasingly displays high enthusiasms on series, dance shows, and comedian performances. Because Kirsty Lang writes in The Guardian (2013) that the China government is currently investing money into building dozens of luxurious theatres, internet explorer houses, concert halls, museums and arts centers across the country.  In contrast, the musical framework in the household industry is definitely not fully developed enough with weak audience's identity. Central economies are good at building infrastructure nevertheless they're weakened on creative imagination. Luckily, the " Genitrice Mia" Oriental version's wealth shows extensive market potential customers of the domestic musical in China and dispel questions before. The larger original artistic attainments and successful edition of localization in the efficiency market; offers the domestic musical industry to expose China a brand new copyright kind, in accordance with worldwide standard setting of procedure of the new production. Musicals in China and tiawan have to admire and learn the management via Chinese edition " Genitrice Mia! " on marketing planning capability. The main of this large success is to meet the goal audience's entertainment experience, methodical planning, and experiential marketing strategies.

1 . ‘Mamma Mia! ' is a Great Present

As one of the most classic musicals in the world, " Mamma Mia opened within the West End twelve years back and has become translated into 14 dialects to date. It had been also changed to a movie featuring...

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