34 Concepts for applying duty of care in health Article

п»ї Rules for employing duty of care in health, social care or perhaps children's and young people's settings

1 . Understand how duty of treatment contributes to secure practice

1 . 1 Make clear what it means to experience a duty of care in own work role -to keep individuals safe

-to keep people free from damage

-to provide choice

1 . a couple of Explain how duty of care contribute to the safeguarding or protection of people Working to agreed standards including protection from hazard, harm and abuse very clear reporting devices are in position when there are suspicions or perhaps disclosures of danger, harm and maltreatment.

2 . Know how to address disputes or dilemmas that may arise between an individual's rights and the duty of care 2 . 1 Describe potential disputes or issues that may occur between the obligation of treatment and individual's rights

Potential clashes is the likelihood of issues growing for the person and could incorporate:

-not having the capacity to enjoy actions

-not being able to stay up to watch television

-not being able to live in bed all day long

Dilemmas is usually giving rise to a circumstance where all parties concerned are not satisfied with the effect and may include:

-a child provides or begins to climb a bookcase

-a child demands fizzy/carbonated drink and crisps

2 . 2 Describe how you can manage hazards associated with clashes or problems between an individual's rights plus the duty of care

-recording the conflict or dilemma

-reporting into a senior member of staff risk Evaluation

-discussion with the specific and or all their family

2 . 3 Make clear where to get added support and advice regarding conflicts and dilemmas

Further support and advice could be obtained from:


-senior employee


-social worker or other pros

-policies and types of procedures



3. Understand how to respond to problems

3. one particular Describe how to respond to problems:

-listening to the complaint



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