Essay in order to Improve Decomposition Rate of Rotary Kiln

Rotary kiln is actually a machine whose working temp can reach the heat to calcine superfine kaolin. At present the rotary kiln technology inside our country is mature and advanced, which in turn represents the expansion direction of calcination technology of superfine kaolin. Nevertheless , the decomposition rate of rotary kiln is not high enough, we ought to impove the decomposition level of rotary kiln. Have you any idea how?

Decomposition rate of kiln revealed that the magnitude of the carbonate in the organic material can be broken, with preheating decomposition system tools design is usually reasonable, if appropriate method parameters. Kiln decomposition price is the main symptoms of decomposition furnace jogging normally, the decomposition level is large, the decomposition furnace in full enjoy, thus to appropriately increase the rate of decomposition in the kiln. Will take the following a number of measures to attain the goal of increase the decomposition charge of kiln.

1 . Environment, coal feeding point location and volume, to consider the raw material ahead of charging with sufficient space for the fuel burning, especially for tough combustion of anthracite, although also introduced three times the positioning of the blowing wind direction, etc ., not only to ensure uniform pulverized coal burning in full, the whole furnace inside the thermometer minimal temperature big difference between the two should not exceed 20 ~ 30 deg Celsius. By improving the mixing of the raw material and coal powder level, how you can improve the heat transfer sense of balance. For the larger, should not simply set a charging level and fossil fuel point, need appropriate layout more.

installment payments on your Decomposition furnace design must look into the flammability of gasoline, the volume of fabric itself in furnace you may have plenty of time. Motivated by quality of pulverized coal and pulverized coal fineness, substantial volatile pulverized coal, pulverized coal fine, raw materials plus the residence time of pulverized coal are required can be a bit shorter, pulverized...


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