Trigonometry  Astronomy Composition

How Trigonometry is utilized in Astronomy

By: Joanna Matthews

Functional Applications of Advanced Mathematics

Mrs. Amy Goodrum

July 15, 2003


This record is about how trigonometry is employed in Astronomy. Even though trigonometry is applied in many areas, such as architectural, chemistry, surveying, and physics, it is mainly utilized in astronomy Trigonometry is employed to find the distance of celebrities, the distance from a single planet to a different and from a single plant for the sun. It will be possible to find the radius of the Earth also. This report will certainly basically offer more information in the way trigonometry and astronomy goes hand in hand. Background

Trigonometry comes from a Ancient greek word " trigonometria" merged from these types of 3 words: Tri (three) gonia (angle) metro (measure). Trigonometry has been online for many centuries, but in 150 BC a male named Hipparchus apparently wrote 12 literature on the table of chords and became the owner of trigonometry. He was the first Ancient greek language mathematician to examine triangular angles. This analyze led him to write the 12 ebooks. Other people have added to Hipparchus' work, but the two people that stands out one of the most are were Menelaus (ca. AD 100) and Ptolemy (ca. ADVERTISEMENT 100). Menelaus was a Ancient greek language mathematician that created half a dozen books in tables of chords. This individual created a number of triangle properties. Menelaus had a big turn in spherical trigonometry also. Having been like the one that was following Hipparchus' job the most. Ptolemy was a Ancient greek astronomer who was highly well known in his metropolis because of his work. He was the initial mathematician to complete the tables of chords, which are 13 books. Although his work got respect, there were controversy to it. People declared that he stole ideas and inventions to help his job. There was no proof of these kinds of accusations great is still well known and valued. The Muslims, Chinese, Indians, and Babylonians had their own information that aided to trigonometry. The Muslims introduced the tangent...

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