Types of Manager Composition


A kind of work that requires coordinating a great organization's human, financial, physical and info resources toward accomplishing organizational objectives.

Achievement of company goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning, organizing, leading and managing organizational resources.



Activity is effective and effective

Uses the four bureaucratic functions

Precisely what is Management?

A set of activities

preparing and decision making, organizing, leading, and handling directed at a great organization's assets

individual, financial, physical, and data

with the purpose of achieving company goals

in an effective and effecient






Someone whose primary responsibility is to execute the supervision process. Somebody who plans and makes decisions, organizes, leads, and controls individual, financial, physical,

and information assets.

Kinds of Managers by Level

Top Managers

The comparatively small group of executives who also manage the organization's total goals, approach, and operating policies. Central Managers

Greatest group of managers in agencies

Implement leading management's procedures and programs.

Supervise and coordinate lower-level managers' actions. First-Line Managers

Managers who supervise and coordinate the activities of functioning employees. Preparing

Environmental checking and evaluation

Developing a vision of the future

Setting long-term company objectives

Producing organizational and competitive tactics


Understanding tasks and duties

Grouping positions into effective structures (departments)

Clarifying power, responsibility, and reporting associations Allocating hard to find resources (financial, human, physical)

Staffing positions with skilled personnel


Effective connection

Motivating others to perform their best

Motivation and advantages

Trust and...


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