Essay about Unplanned Casing in Dhaka City: Finding Solutions

1 . Launch

Figure 1: Slums underneath of palaces

Human beings are by nature " House Dwellers”. Prehistoric people, leaving give, started living in houses. From huts to modern skyscrapers, people build houses intended for safety, protection and comfort. But , individual cannot build nestle in trees just like birds, they require lands. So , with the increase of human population, land shortage increases, trouble arises. Sometimes people work with lands for making habitable without any pre-plan. This sort of unplanned enclosure leads to misuse of total habitable area and also needlessly decreases cultivable lands. In a country just like Bangladesh, inhabitants is raising at this alarming rate that, in near future, surviving in sea also can become required. Especially in Dhaka, the situation much more complicated. While, Bangladesh could hardly decentralize her capital, people from nationwide rush to Dhaka looking for better prospect. As a result, nearly one fifteenth of the inhabitants lives in one certain metropolis. Dhaka is ranked 19th among the megacities by inhabitants and this populace will reach to twenty six million inside 2025 whether it remains out of control. To accommodate this huge stream of people, unplanned residential areas came into being. Noble people had more than sufficient land for their palaces although, poor people may only deal with small slums to accommodate enormous. Moreover, commercial areas overlapped in non commercial areas and total environment has become dangerous. Now the scenario is definitely, one component to Dhaka shows the enchantement of modern your life with contemporary housing facilities, where, under the light, night resides inside the highly elevating number of unexpected slums. Therefore , Dhaka is currently a city of men and women and people almost everywhere with no destination to feel secure to reside. Therefore , it has become absolutely essential to re-plan Dhaka once again for Healthy living.

2 . Planned Enclosure and Dhaka city

installment payments on your 1 Planned Housing

" Planned Housing” is a very significant task just before planning virtually any megacity. To create a city match for living, residential and commercial areas are needed to be distinguished. Then, to establish a proper housing, correct estimation and distribution from the expected human population is needed. A planned real estate system ensures safe and healthy living within a city. Planned housing is definitely an auld practice. Various ancient metropolitan areas like Ancient rome or Baghdad had well planned enclosure system. In modern universe, this practice has become more necessary since population has increased enormously however land areas are still the same. So , just planned real estate can allow for this huge population. Determine 2: An urban plan with organized housing of 1902

installment payments on your 2 Organized Housing in Dhaka Town

Since Dhaka is one of the most growing megacities in south-east Asia, the city is usually burdened with a lot of socio-economic headquarters and business opportunities. In any different city, this could be a positive area, but for Dhaka, this has turn into a big problem. Persons from nationwide are guaranteed to step into this city since; all administrative and business headquarters from the country happen to be in Dhaka. So , the citizenry of Dhaka is climbing with no limits. So , a planned enclosure system is extremely needed for the town. To make Dhaka a well prepared megacity, " Rajdhani Unnayan Kortripokkho (RAJUK) " may be the only firm that is designated. RAJUK will keep eye for the total planning of the metropolis and they are working away at building a well planned casing system inside the city. RAJUK covers 1528 sq . miles of place to strategy a habitable Dhaka. The master plan covers areas within- 5. Gazipur Pourashava(Municipality) to the North

* Dhaleshawri River towards the south

* Bangshi and Dhaleshawri River for the west

5. Shitalakkhya and Meghna Water to the East

Figure 3: Dhaka town map

This kind of total place is used under the grasp plan known as " Comprehensive Area Plan (DAP)”. Objective of DAP is to prepare a better Dhaka with better opportunities of living, travelling and completing daily life with additional comfort. Therefore , the plan absolutely covers measures to put into practice a proper...

Sources: 2 . ”Detail Area Prepare (DAP) of Dhaka Shattering the eye-sight of DMDP”- The Daily Star, Saturday, December 20, 2008



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