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5В interestingВ factsВ Snowboarding: В

в—Џ SnowboardingВ madeВ itsВ firstВ olympicВ debutВ 12В yearsВ agoВ в—Џ SnowboardersВ useВ theВ lawВ ofВ gravity, В buildingВ speed, В andВ balanceВ в—Џ halfВ pipeВ isВ anВ exampleВ ofВ dynamicВ balanceВ

в—Џ snowboardersВ constantlyВ feelВ theВ gВ forceВ constantlyВ pushingВ againstВ themВ gettingВ pushedВ againstВ theВ wallВ

в—Џ TheВ higherВ aВ halfВ pipeВ isВ theВ moreВ gravitationalВ energyВ aВ snowboarderВ storesВ atВ theВ topВ 5В interestingВ factsВ aboutВ SpeedВ Skating: В

в—Џ SpeedВ SkatingВ isВ allВ aboutВ forceВ andВ movementВ

в—Џ fastestВ selfВ propelledВ sportВ inВ winterВ olympicsВ

в—Џ speedВ skatingВ usesВ newtonsВ threeВ lawsВ

в—Џ TheВ harderВ aВ skaterВ pushesВ theВ fasterВ heВ willВ accelerateВ в—Џ ToВ makeВ tightВ turnsВ theВ skatersВ pushВ theВ iceВ hardВ withВ theirВ skatesВ В

SnowboardingВ includesВ gforceВ inВ it. В WhenВ theВ snowboardersВ areВ onВ theВ halfpipeВ theyВ feelВ theВ forceВ ofВ theВ snowВ andВ theyВ getВ pushedВ againstВ theВ wall. В OnceВ aВ snowboarderВ isВ higherВ onВ theВ halfВ pipeВ theВ snowboarderВ hasВ moreВ gravitationalВ energyВ stored. В AВ halfВ pipeВ isВ anВ exampleВ ofВ dynamicВ balance. В ThatsВ howВ scienceВ isВ includedВ inВ theВ sportВ ofВ snowboarding. В В

SpeedВ skatingВ hasВ NewtonsВ ThreeВ lawsВ involved. В FirstВ whenВ theyВ startВ andВ areВ stayingВ stillВ theyВ areВ givingВ anВ exampleВ ofВ NewtonsВ FirstВ lawВ anВ objectВ atВ restВ remainsВ atВ rest. В SecondВ whenВ theyВ areВ skatingВ theyВ areВ givingВ exampleВ ofВ newtonsВ secondВ lawВ forceВ onВ anВ objectВ producesВ accelerationВ becauseВ whenВ theyВ pressВ downВ onВ theВ iceВ withВ theirВ skatesВ theyВ increase the speed of. В

LastlyВ theВ skatersВ giveВ anВ exampleВ ofВ newtonsВ thirdВ lawВ forВ everyВ actionВ thereВ isВ anВ equalВ andВ oppositeВ reactionВ whenВ theyВ pushВ onВ theВ iceВ andВ theВ iceВ pushesВ backВ onВ themВ allowingВ themВ

toВ accelerate. ThatВ isВ howВ speedВ skatingВ showsВ NewtonsВ ThreeВ Laws. В В



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