Essay about Vietnam Strategy

Vietnam's Cultural analysis �

Brief exploration of the country's relevant background

Vietnam's history is intricate due to the a large number of groups within their history.  There are Indochinese known as the Austronesia tribes, Khmer which were coming from Cambodia whom came from India, Laotians coming from China's Yurman Province and the Vietnamese whom came To the south from Yhangtze Valley.  The newer people began to push out the Austronesia in order that they can live in the richer delta areas and coastal areas.  The 1st Vietnamese thought they were descendants of a mythical dragon and angel.  Most were grain farmers and the production with this product essential complex irrigation and group farming, which usually resulted in a really strong community.  There was obviously a long occupation and dominance, superiority by the China.  The North and Southern did not get along.  In the 19th Hundred years the French acquired gained charge of the Japanese forcing those to move away from Confucius education an re-homing of People from france writing and language.  The North fought the French and Japan for control of Vietnam.  After The japanese surrendered to allies after World War II Vietnam declared freedom only to have the British appear in and go back authority to the French.  Later the French withdrew in 1946.  In 1954 Geneva contract divided Vietnam into the North and Southern.  The To the south denounced this division and recruited the U. S i9000. for financial help.  Soon we were training their armed forces.  The North was obtaining support in the Soviets helping increase the U. S. 's interest in the South.  The South became a Republic.  Fighting continuing until U. S. troops retreated after having a cease fire.  Communist makes took over Saigon days later on. �



Vietnam occupies the Eastern Coastline of the Southeast Asian Peninsula and usually takes the shape of your S exhibiting that the North and Southern are the widest parts together with the middle getting 31 mls wide.  Land and Water together take up approximately 127, 000 square miles that makes it smaller than Italia and larger than Japan in comparison.  The major cities consist of Ho Chihuahua Minh City which utilized to be named Saigon inside the South, Hanoi in the North, Do Nang in the mid-coastal area.

Social Establishments


The Family Unit is very good and there are fewer divorces within the United States featuring them with better stability.  Parents use to make a decision who their children would marry and how long the proposal period was usually becoming about six months.  After marrying the new couple would go live with the fathers' parents.  That has changed and after this the children make a decision and ask for the approval of their parents showing equal admiration for them. � �

a. Female/male functions (changing or perhaps static? )

Their roles have altered and become relatively westernized because women work out of the home the men support more in the home.  At a single point there roles were very distinctive based upon their particular gender.  It is changing. �

Personal System

a. Political structure

The political structure is definitely Communism.

n. political celebrations

It is a one-party system based upon a Metabolic rate.

c. Stability of Government

It is a stable government seeing that 1980 having its Constitution which will basically ensures certain protections that include flexibility of presentation, the press, assembly, and association and freedom to demonstrate based upon this kind of caveat " no one may misuse democratic freedoms to violate the interests from the state and the people”.  These are conditional rights limited by the last work being the governments, this means no true freedom below.  The federal government has been stable since the 80s. �

Legal System

a. Code, common, socialist, or perhaps Islamic-law nation?

It is a socialist communist legal system that is controlled by the authorities. �

4. Social Businesses

a. Social Class

The Vietnamese culture is more interested in status which is obtained through education and age compared to wealth.  Education would come before,...


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