Essay regarding Windex and Plants


Home chemicals just like Windex, a glass solution, are known to be harmful to individuals but if they affect grow growth is usually an interesting try things out. Our experiment consisted of diverse levels of Windex mixed with water and given to Brassica Rapa plants in order to grow. Will be results demonstrated that Windex barely recently had an effect on the rose growth as well as the plants confirmed steady increase in growth. In conclusion, our try things out did not assure that Windex include a boost in plant development but all of us did find that small , unimportant amounts of Windex mixed with water were able to consumed by the plants.

It is popular that standard household chemical substances such as Windex can be harmful to humans in the event drank or inhaled, but it really is not well known how Windex affects the growth of plants. This kind of certain home chemical was selected primarily based off quick research about how household chemical substances affect flower growth. Windex seemed to have most result if virtually any. The health safety measures given to humans, based on what harmful chemical substances are used to help to make Windex, had been part of why Windex was chosen intended for the experiment. It looked like interesting to see what these harmful chemical compounds will do to plants, specifically how they develop. The point with the experiment should be to see if blending Windex, a glass clean, with water will have a superb effect on how fast the Brassica Rapa plant is going to grow. Based upon background research and exploring findings from other tests like ours we have located that most crops that are given household cleaning materials usually die due to the chemicals in them. All of us haven't found a study proving that household cleaning elements have a good effect on grow growth. 1 reason for these types of negative effects will be because of the hydrogen that's in Windex and plants may take. Our group predicted which might be Brassica Rapa will not be positively affected by the Windex, in the event anything they will die in the near future.

Elements Used During planting and Experimenting:

wood keep


Brassica Rapa seeds






managed to graduate cylinder

soil mixing dirt

Procedure of when you herb is as uses:

Attain four plant pots.

Fill every containers about 65% garden soil.

Insert three or more seeds every container spread out evenly in every containers. Add 35% even more soil together with the seed products in all storage units.

Add 50 mL of water, poured slowly, with each plant textbox.

Label each container with a certain aim.

Place plant life under develop lights most aligned with each other.


Procedure for experimenting is as follows:

Create Windex-water combination and find certain amounts for specified vegetation Using pipette, drop a couple of drops of mixture in plant branded 2 .

Record data (number of leaves and level of plants)

Repeat methods 1-3 intended for plant labeled 3 yet add 5 drops.

See growth of control plant

Record data

Repeat steps 1-5 for flower 4 but add 6th drops.

Record overall observations of flower growth

Flower 1- Level (cm)

Flower 2- Elevation (cm)

Grow 3- Level (cm)

Plant 4- Height (cm)

Day 1

1 . 3 centimeter

1 . zero cm

installment payments on your 5 centimeter

1 . 5 cm

Day 2

2 . almost 8 cm

installment payments on your 1 cm

4. one particular cm

installment payments on your 1 centimeter

Day a few

5. you cm

a few. 8 centimeter

4. several cm

3. 8 cm

Day 5

5. 2 cm

4. 9 cm

6. six cm

a few. 9 centimeter

Day five

6. zero cm

a few. 8 cm

6. 8 cm

some. 25 cm

Day 6th

7. six cm

six. 5 cm

7. six cm

5. 5 cm

Day 7

9. 7 centimeter

12. zero cm

10. 5 centimeter

8. your five cm

Day time 8

14. 0 centimeter

10. six cm

eleven. 8 cm

being unfaithful. 3 cm

Day on the lookout for

12. 5 cm

12. 2 cm

14. several cm

14. 6 cm

Plant 1- # of Leaves

Grow 2- # of Leaves

Plant 3- # of Leaves

Plant 4- # of Leaves

Day one particular





Day 2





Day a few




almost 8

Day four





Time 5




of sixteen

Day six





Day 7





Day 8





Time 9

twenty eight




Overall, our benefits show our plants, which were grown by using a windex-water solution, steadily increased in growth, including the volume of leaves plus the height in the stems. Obviously all the plants survived the experimental period and were never demonstrating signs of damage. Our chart shows...

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