Essay regarding World War Ii Through the 1970’s

Task 3: " World War II Through the 1970s”

College student Name: Ashley Helton

Trainers Name: Karen Lewis

Course Title: History 105

Day: May 25, 2012

In this essay I will go into depth explaining two major historic turning items that occurred during the period of World War II through the 1972s, and the impact they had upon today's society, economy, politics and culture. I will likewise give you two reasons why Us citizens in the late thirties wanted to remain out of the European conflict. I will tell you about the role that ladies played to assist win World War II. I will illustrate two city rights innovations that happened after Ww ii that transferred the cause of Africa Americans forwards. I will make clear two ways where the Vietnam Warfare brought politics awareness to a new technology of youthful Americans. Last but not least I will tell you about two applications that Director Johnson's " Great Society” agenda had put into effect which are still into effect today.

The initially two key historical turning points that occurred during the World War II through the 1970s was your Watergate Scandal. The Watergate Scandal is famous for its intricate web of serious political scams that occurred during 1972 and mid 1970s. At the time Rich M. Nixon was Leader, this scandal would modify his lifestyle and the lives of many persons involved and also the Americans perspective of politics leaders. Many things were learned during the very long investigation such as the unveiling that President Nixon was taping all the discussions in the White colored House. As well Nixon's vp Agnew was also accepted to duty evasion. There was clearly also a number of other things installed to mild during the Watergate Scandal leading Americans to acquire major doubt within the whole leaders of our country. Today political frontrunners and everyone for that matter grasp the concept that no one is above the regulation. I believe the biggest outcome from the Watergate Scandal would be the understanding that the " freedom of press” identified in the Initially Amendment may be held up and used to print and record on in the event the information applies. Due to the problems that arose one other act was set into place to somewhat keep the president's power in check; known as the Conflict Powers Image resolution of 1973. This work made it hence the president him self could not send out armed forces such as the Army, Navy blue, and Marines into combat abroad without the consent in the congress. The other of two major historic turning factors that I believe happened was your Vietnam War. While Vietnam started in 1955 the United States would not enter right up until roughly 61. America wanted to remain away of this warfare but eventually succumb to the realization we must get involved if we would not want the reds to pass on any further than this already experienced. Still today known for their dramatic bloodshed with the loss of numerous lives and also for the fact that to date is the only war that the United States lost due to the U. S. withdrawing from the conflict. Today we can see the effects of the war economically because all the health problems we see in the experts of the conflict. We aid to pay for the medical charges of pleased men that served each of our country in that time. The veterans today still suffer greatly by port traumatic stress disorder and drug dependencies. The war was also very costly not within that a large number of lives had been lost yet also fiscally.

The folks of the United States experienced many cause as to why the wished to stay neutral in what became World War II. First coming from my understanding Americans had been still in recovery mode from Universe War My spouse and i and also the 1930s. America suffered from so many damaging blows fiscally during the Great Depression. They sensed as if we have to concentrate on recovering here at home first instead of going international and taking on more economical problems. Another I think Us citizens wanted to continue to be out of the Euro Conflict is due to a man known as Adolf Hitler. Although...

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